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Siri Goes on a Safari

The past week has been hectic though the Siri project has taken great leaps forward. We decided to look for evidence of Siri in Safari internet searches. If Siri does not know the answer to a question asked by the user, it asks if you would like to search the web for it. If the user accepts, Siri will begin a web search using Google on Safari for the prompted question. Continue reading

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Siri Project Preparations

Because I have been away at the CEIC conference, I have decided to use my limited time this week on setting up everything I need for the Siri project before jumping into it. This post will give an explanation of the setup for the project. At the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigations we […]

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iPhone Siri voice assistant

New Perspective on Siri Forensics

Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has been extremely popular. Sales have especially increased within the past three years. With its growing popularity and larger user population, there is a greater chance of coming across a case which involves forensically examining an iPhone.

Siri is a personal assistant function on the newer iPhones First being released on the iPhone 4S, it was made with a friendly interface where the user simply asks a question and Siri answers. The ability to properly analyze Siri could provide evidence based on the questions the user asks. Continue reading

Spring 2013 Newsletter

The Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) is a world-class laboratory designed to international standards, focused on establishing and assisting with public and private sector initiatives surrounding cybercrime, digital forensics and information assurance. As a leader in the Digital Forensic higher education arena, Champlain College offers students an opportunity to learn more and participate in real lab work” at both the ­undergraduate and graduate levels.

Read our Spring 2013’s Newsletter to learn more about the LCDI!