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CEIC 2014 Student Series: Daniel Puckowski

  My CEIC 2014 Experience in Las Vegas   I came home from the Computer Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC) 2014 with a stack of newly acquired business cards, an assortment of trinkets from Las Vegas, and a great breadth of new information that will surely shape my years at Champlain College to come. It was […]

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Single Board Computers Part 4

  full speed ahead Following our switch from XUbunutu to Kali Linux (Single Board Computers Part 3), setup is nearly complete, and our team is preparing to try new things. During a team meeting on February 26th, the team discussed various tools and features to add to the oDroid. Other than previously decided upon Metasploit […]

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Single Board Computers Part 3

As of our last posting (Single Board Computers Part 2), the team had just received our oDroid systems. Since then, we have been busy researching and programming. As you may recall, the goal of this project is to have a small, affordable computer able to listen to network traffic with scripted commands. Up to this […]

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Raspberry Pi 2 Single Board Computer

Single Board Computers Part 3: Testing Lab

Virtual Lab Environment We are currently setting up the testing environment for our single board computers project. We are using a VMware ESXi server with plenty of power and space to host the virtualized network environment. Using virtual machines will allow us to create a fully functional network that is isolated from our main network. […]

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Single Board computer

Single Board Computers Part 2

  The ODROID is Here The Single Board Computers project is finally underway after waiting for the new ODROID hardware to come in. The goal of this project is to have a small, affordable, computer able to listen to network traffic withscripted commands to make it easy to use. It will have the ability to […]

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