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Vermont Tech Jam 2014

Vermont hosted its annual tech jam WERE YOU THERE? The LCDI certainly was! We set up a booth next to our neighboring Emergent Media Center and spoke to all sorts of people about what we do here at Champlain’s Lakeside Campus. Over 200 people stopped by our booth! Not only was it a great opportunity […]

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“Cellebrating” Cellebrite

Blog22For the past two weeks, we have all been working hard on creating the guides and tutorials for the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro and the UFED Physical Analyzer. All of the interns have worked on Cellebrite everyday so that we could have it done by the deadline, July 1st. We also created powerpoint slides for each section and video tutorials on how to use the UFED Physical Analyzer. The only thing that we have left to do is to create the video tutorials on how to use the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro. Continue reading

Cellebrite Training Part 2

Blog22This week we have been working on creating the guide for the Cellebrite UFED Pro and the UFED Physical Analyzer.  The guides we created are meant to layout the information that we would like to teach law enforcement agencies during a two day class. In our outline we created 6 separate topics that we wanted to cover: Continue reading

Cellebrite Training

Many people use their cell phones to do a variety of different things, from storing word documents, using programs, playing games, using the GPS for travel, and other such things. Many criminal cases involve some sort of mobile phone or device either as part of the criminal activity or containing evidence of criminal activity. Mobile phones provide […]

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HTC Fuze Forensics: Part 3

HTC Fuze Forensics Colby Lahaie The Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation Deleted SMS Text Messages For the last part of this blog, I will be focusing on a very important aspect of Mobile Device Forensics: recovering deleted SMS Text Messages. Retrieving SMS Text Messages (Deleted) During the examination of this phone, I specifically […]

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