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Nexus LG smartphone and Apple iPad

Mobile App Analysis Part 2

Introduction  Over the last few weeks, the Mobile Application Forensics team has been working on researching and analyzing Open Whisper’s Signal on the iPhone and Android device. We split into two teams to divide and conquer the application on two different mobile operating systems. The Android team tackled a Nexus 5x and the iOS team […]

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Mac Forensics Report OS X El Capitan

Mac Forensics Report Official Release

mac forensics report is complete In the Mac Forensics report, the team at the LCDI looked at operating systems for Macs and tried to determine what artifacts can be collected and where their default locations can be found. Then they compared the two main operating systems: OS X and El Capitan. background information Last year […]

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OS X and iOS Handoff Introduction

Introduction During the 2014 Apple WorldWide Developers Conference, Apple announced a new feature available with iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) known as Handoff. This new feature allows a user to transfer their activity from their iPhone to their Mac, or vice-versa, almost instantaneously. These activities include browsing the web, email, writing a note, […]

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Using Elcomsoft iOS Toolkit with an iPhone

We have been tasked with testing Elcomsoft’s iOS Toolkit for the Burlington Police Department. We are going to be testing the software on an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. iOS Forensic Toolkit is a tool that performs an acquisition of user and/or file system data store in iPhone, iPads, and iPod devices running almost […]

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iPhone Siri voice assistant

Siri Project Preparations

Because I have been away at the CEIC conference, I have decided to use my limited time this week on setting up everything I need for the Siri project before jumping into it. This post will give an explanation of the setup for the project. At the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigations we […]

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